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If you have forgotten your user name and/or password for RWTH Single Sign-On, you can retrieve them directly online via the IdM PasswordReset. You need access to your contact email address. If this is not the case, you can use one of the other methods.
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The IdM Selfservice enables users to access and partly change their data of the Identity Management. To log into the IdM Selfservice, please use your user name (format: ab123456) and the corresponding password of the RWTH Single Sign-On Account.
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Varied issuers like the Registrar's Office or the human resources department will hand out coupons to you. These are used to add you to groups of people and, if necessary, establish data synchronization between the Identity Management and the system which provided the coupon.
If you are already registered in the Identity Management system and hence have a user name (e.g. ab123456), then please connect any new coupon to this user name. You can look up how to use a coupon procedure in the manual for coupon procedures.
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Role Management

The IdM role and group management of the RWTH Aachen University allows university institutions to manage responsibilities for online services autonomously, e.g. placing orders in the IT purchasing portal of the RWTH Aachen University.

The IdM role and group management includes the steps "authorize" and "activate". Through the authorization, a role manager of an institution enables a person to use the provided services by assigning a role to them. During this process a coupon is generated. After redeeming this coupon, the user will be a role holder. The role holder can log into the online service with one of their accounts (usually with the RWTH Single Sign-On account) and use their role.
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The RWTH-Partner-Procedure offers limited access to the RWTH Aachen University IT services for people who would otherwise not be eligible for them. To participate in it, you will need to find a sponsor who will vouch for you. If you are uncertain whether this applies to you, you can learn more about the specifics of the RWTH-Partner-Procedure here.
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Interface for managing exports from the IdM. Possibility to set up standard exports, e.g. with address data of the users of your own organization, and management of BasicAuth users for automated HTTP downloads. Access via the "Verwaltung WebExports" role in the context of the respective organizational unit.​
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